Meeting Services

Meeting services, using these venues, provides our business and leisure clients with:

  • A property that is specially searched for your needs.

  • Beautiful rooms with warm woods, soft colors,
    and comfortable chairs.


  • An intimate, non-sterile, informal environment.

  • Personal service.

  • Hospitality and welcoming ambiance
    to get everyone into a relaxed mode.

  • Privacy and confidentiality.

  • Professional meeting planning and facilitation.

  • Accommodations and catering for special events
    such as meetings, weddings, and reunions.

Depending upon the size of the group and the seating configuration desired, each meeting venue will be personally selected. Considerations include location, date, and anticipated rental costs that meet your unique requirements and budget.

Whether you prefer a location on or near water, in the downtown area, or in the mountains, INNfocusMeetings.com will work with you and your staff to provide the perfect place for your gathering.

Most inns of less than 12 rooms can comfortably handle from two to twenty-four persons seated at a table, usually rectangular. Larger inns, often with restaurant facilities, have meeting space to support multiple tables often with rounds. Large inns can provide casual seating areas if they have a lot of rooms as this are often a requirement of many rating organizations.

In the case of weddings and receptions, small inns and boutique hotels are suitable for having an intimate gather of fewer than 100 persons. Many of these types of properties will have lovely gardens or courtyards where you can be married and also have a reception. Food and beverages will generally be catered by the inn or an outside company. For liquor, caterers usually have a license to serve alcohol including mixed drinks. In many instances, we can arrange for you to provide your own liquor and have a bonded server for your event.

When meetings are held in an inn or boutique hotel, multiple rooms may have to be rented for your attendees. In the event that the inn has a large meeting room but does not have enough bedrooms, INNfocusmeetings.com will arrange for additional bedrooms for your needs that will be convenient to the meeting venue. One of the main advantages of holding your meeting in a boutique inn or hotel is that you will have the services of the innkeeper/manager who is most likely to have the kind of personality and charm that will make your meeting very special. They like to have the contact with the public and are open to sharing their inn and emphasizing the personal touch that goes with it. This is an extra benefit that makes the event so memorable!

Particular attention should be paid to employees or clients who are handicapped or have allergies. In historic inns and hotels, it is often difficult to have wheelchair access because of the size of the doors, the fact that there are stairs and no elevators, and that bathrooms are not equipped to meet the needs.

Meeting facilitation will be handled by the inn or hotel or INNfocusmeetings.com. This includes arranging for trans-portation, catering, meeting materials easels, pads, pens, paper, etc. special off-site dinners, team-building activities such as golf, boating, paintball, sporting events, etc. Full administrative services are available.


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